Why Sims 4 Remains to Be the Best in the Series

Sims 4 has been in the market for over a few years now and still remain to be on top of the charts. If you are a newbie in the Sims world and wonder which series to install, Sims 4 is the best choice for you. Here is the list of reasons why everybody thinks Sims 4 is the best:

No technical glitches

Sims 4 does not have the technical issues other players encountered in earlier versions of the Sims and it runs on the best engine of the Sims series so far.

Better graphics

The graphics are also better which makes customizing your Sim and building your dream house a lot more satisfying. You will never get tired of zooming in to the details in this game.

Better customization

The Sims 4 character creator is a major improvement. You can now customize every aspect from the walking style, the calf size, shoulder width, even your booty size. You can customize a laptop for sims 4 to look exactly like you or your friends and family making the game play more fun.

No more toddlers

Having a baby in real life is a responsibility... having a baby in the Sims world is a crazy responsibility and the toddler stage is no joke. Luckily, EA has disabled the toddler stage making your baby grow to its pre-teens immediately so it is much easier to concentrate on everyone in the family.

Long-term fun

The upside is it will take you a couple of months on a laptop for sims to see everything that the game has to offer. The game is well-known for having a lot of easter eggs hidden everywhere. You will surely never find yourself getting bored once you get it installed. Whether you are new to the game or if you are playing an older version of Sims, it is about time to switch to Sims 4.

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